Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong (standing) at the working session with the Command of Naval Region 4

At the working session, Naval Region 4 Commander, Rear Admiral Pham Van Hoanh briefed the GDP leader upon the task accomplishment in 2016 of the region. Naval Region 4 is responsible for the sea area at high risk of instability; however, despite difficulties, the region’s Party committees and commands at all levels well directed and led units to strictly implement combat readiness and training missions; firmly safeguarded the maritime sovereignty over the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, staying active and proactive in following situations; harmoniously dealt with arising problems and situations in the area; well completed training missions, especially those with newly-equipped weaponry; and well carried out military external affairs, search and rescue and mass mobilization work in the localities where the region’s units are stationed.

The Party Committee and Command of Naval Region 4 have issued a resolution and made a plan to welcome the Lunar New Year (Tet) 2017 with a stress laid on active and proactive combat readiness while ensuring good material and cultural Tet for troops of the whole region.

 Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong at his inspecting visit to Brigade 162
General Cuong highly valued mission accomplishment of Naval Region 4 and stressed that in the coming time the Command of the region as well as its units should more closely grasp situations to well fulfill assigned missions. He also said that more attention should be paid to mass mobilization work, contributing to building localities where the units are stationed.

Concerning the upcoming Lunar New Year, the GDP Director asked the Command of Naval Region 4 and commanders of units under the region to pay special attention to security and safety in all aspects, staying proactive in maintaining combat readiness posture, ensuring good welfare for troops.

After the meeting, General Cuong and the mission inspected Brigades 162 and 146.

Translated by Huu Duong