Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia talking with new enlistees 
Over the past time, Party committees and commands of units in charge of training new enlistees of Division 5 have well grasped and implemented instructions of the Commander of Military Zone 7 on in training new enlistees as well as Party resolutions and plans on the 2017 recruitment drive and training of new enlistees. They also actively prepared training grounds and equipment as well as facilities to accommodate new enlistees. At this point, they are realizing political and military training plans for new enlistees in line with the higher-level commands’ instructions.

Speaking at the working session, General Nghia praised efforts of the units to implement their assigned tasks of training new enlistees over the past month, including activities relating to Party and political work. He asked the leadership of Division 5 to seriously maintain military discipline, order and regulations while enhancing political education, comprehending troops’ thoughts and effectively dealing with arising issues.

Earlier, General Nghia and the working mission had checked the accommodation, mess and cultural facilities of units as well as met and inquired after new enlistees who were undergoing military training programs in units of Division 5.

Translated by Thu Nguyen