At the conference

At the conference, the delegates highlighted the practical outcomes of the work at both bilateral and multilateral levels. According to the review, agencies and units in the whole army implemented the work actively and effectively in accordance with instructions from the Central Military Commission, the MND and the defense relations action program for 2017, previously approved by leaders of the MND. The agencies and units focused on accelerating relations-building and defense cooperation with neighboring countries, including those in ASEAN and others, making contribution to augmenting and strengthening trust, as well as maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for national construction and development and the building of a revolutionary, regular, elite and increasingly modernized army.

In the last three months of this year, the delegates agreed, the defense relations work should focus on studying situations to make predictions and strategic advisory work as well as strengthening the cooperation between military units and civilian authorities and entities.

Translated by Tran Hoai