The Defense Minister was accompanied by Lieutenant General Le Hien Van, Deputy-Director of the General Department of Politics and representatives of the functional bodies of the Ministry of National Defense. Major General Pham Van Huan, Editor-in-Chief of the PAN and officers and employees welcomed the delegation.

Major General Pham Van Huan, PAN's Editor-in-Chief briefing the delegation upon the newspaper's task performance

At the meeting with PAN’s leadership, on behalf of the PAN’s Party Committee and Board of Editors, General Huan expressed his thanks to the Defense Ministry's leadership, particularly Minister Ngo Xuan Lich, for their great support for the press agency over the past year and ahead of the Tet.

He also briefed the delegation on the unit’s task performance in 2017. Of particular note is that the press agency closely followed instructions and directions of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense and the General Department of Politics to promptly disseminate information related to major political events of the Party, the State and the Army as well as the country’s comprehensive development. In addition, PAN continued to promote their strengths by providing articles with convincing arguments against the “peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces. Notably, they organized many workshops to discuss big issues on the country and the army, drawing great attention from the society; they also launched social and gratitude activities to take care of national contributors. In 2017, numerous PAN’s reporters were bestowed with both national- and ministerial-level press awards. The unit published their Tet editions with good contents and beautiful covers while preparing well for the upcoming Tet for its cadres and employees, General Huan affirmed.

Addressing the event, General Lich acknowledged PAN’s achievements over the past year and reaffirmed that the unit should always be a leading political newspaper of the country.

Minister Ngo Xuan Lich speaking at the event

However, he noted that the newspaper, as an organ of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense and the voice of the Vietnamese armed forces and people, must continue promoting their heroic traditions to overcome all difficulties and hardships to fulfill all assigned missions, contributing to orienting the public opinion toward the correct understanding and view.  Particularly, they should enhance the quality of articles in the fight against the “peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces and implement well the governmental project to build the newspaper as one of the six major national multimedia news agencies by 2025, he added. The Defense Minister also pledged that the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense would create the best conditions for the development of military press agencies, including PAN, in the time to come.

General Lich presenting Tet gifts and extending Lunar New Year greetings to PAN's leadership

On the occasion of the upcoming Tet, General Lich extended best wishes to all leaders, reporters, editors and employees of the People’s Army Newspaper.

Translated by Trung Thanh