PANO – The Commando Corps held a conference in Ninh Thuan province on June 29th to review its task fulfillment in the first half of 2016 and kick off missions for the last six months of the year.

In the first half of 2016, the Commando Corps strictly, comprehensively, and successfully implemented resolutions of the Party and its assigned missions.

The conference

Regarding military missions, the Standing Committee of the Corps’ Party Committee and Chain-of-Command well grasped and implemented Directive No. 21 of the General Staff issued on December 11th 2015 on the military-defense missions in 2016. The corps regularly made reviews, adjustments, and supplements to operational documents, and  practiced shifting combat readiness postures in accordance with different missions.

Especially, the corps sent troops to participate in the ADMM+ Multilateral Naval Field Training Exercise in Singapore with high results and absolute safety. Training courses of commando forces for military regions, the Navy, and Hanoi Capital Command were conducted as scheduled with 100% of the contents boasting good results.

As for the Party and political work, units and agencies in the whole corps successfully carried out political education plans for all participants. Cadres and soldiers of the corps always have firm political stand and strong will, ready to receive and fulfill any assigned tasks.

In the last six months of 2016, the corps will focus on building its forces, strictly maintaining combat readiness posture, well preparing for the mission to protect the 5th Asian Beach Games in Da Nang city, implementing search and rescue missions during natural disasters. The corps will also propose the Ministry of National Defense to approve its project titled “Modernization of counter-terrorism forces in the whole army.”

On this occasion, the corps passed plans for military and sports competitions of the Commando Corps in 2016 and the scenario for the 50th founding anniversary of the corps.

Translated by Huu Duong