The meeting saw the participation of members of the Central Military Commission; leaders of the MND, the General Staff Department; representatives of the Central Committee of the Vietnam War Veterans' Association (CCVWVA), agencies under the MND, the General Department of Politics; and over 200 retired senior officers who are now living in the Southern region.

At the event, General Lich briefed delegates on outstanding regional and international situations; plots and tricks of hostile forces; the results of building the whole people's defense status and implementing defense tasks in 2017; and plans for 2018.

At the event

The minister also stressed that over the past years, the MND highly appreciated the contributions of retired senior officers in the cause of army building, defense consolidation and Fatherland protection. He also hoped that the former senior officers will continue bringing into play the traditions of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, and furthering their contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the building of the Vietnam People’s Army in the next time.

General Lich also extended greetings to all former senior officers on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year 2018.

This is a meaningful activity which demonstrates the good traditions of the Vietnam People’s Army, the “When drinking water, remember who dug the well” of the Vietnamese people and the belief of the Central Military Commission and the MND on former officers.

It is also an opportunity for retired senior officers to share their experience and contribute opinions to the Party, the State, and the army, for the building of the all-people defense posture and the Vietnam People’s Army in the current context.

Translated by Lam Anh