Present at the meeting were also Deputy-Chief-of-the-General Staff, Senior-Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam, and Deputy-Director of the General Department of Politics, Lieutenant General Le Hien Van.

Reports at the meeting demonstrated that the Party Committee, High Command and chains of command at all levels across the Border Guard Force have promoted unity, pro-activeness and collective intelligence to lead the whole force to overcome all difficulties and accomplish their 2017 tasks.

 General Lich speaking at the meeting
The Party Committee proactively grasped and analyzed the situation to give situational forecasts, advice and recommendations to the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry to issue proper policies and solutions to effectively deal with border and maritime issues, avoiding any negative surprises.

It also instructed its affiliated units to deploy measures in a comprehensive and methodological manner to complete the border work while asking all units to strictly implement signed agreements with Vietnam’s border-sharing countries and the regulations of border management and border gate management.

The Party Committee also directed its affiliated units to strictly maintain the combat readiness posture, step up military administrative reforms, renovate immigration processes in line with the laws to facilitate legal border crossing and trade while efficiently leading all units to build a comprehensively strong border guard force, and seriously studying and implementing the 12th Party Central Committee’s Resolution 4, the Politburo’s Directive 05 and the Central Military Commission’s Directive 87.

Furthermore, the Party Committee and High Command of the Border Guard Force promoted collaboration with other forces and local authorities in improving the quality of the whole people defense posture, and led its affiliated units to perform well all border foreign relations and border diplomacy and effectively implement the plans to strengthen defense cooperation between Vietnam and Laos, and Vietnam and Cambodia.

At the meeting 
Regarding the force’s tasks in 2018, the meeting insisted that the Party Committee should play its role well in providing sound advice for the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry on border work and border guard force building; implement fully its main missions of protecting national sovereignty, national border security, and ensuring security and order in border areas, national seas and islands; build strong border areas; improve the quality and efficiency of the force’s combat readiness; continue building a politically strong border guard force; create three breakthroughs in training, regularity building and discipline and law observance; ensure logistics, technical equipment, finance and other support work to meet the task requirements for the whole Border Guard Force; and strengthen Party organizations of all border guard units to continue to excellently accomplish all tasks.

Addressing the meeting, General Ngo Xuan Lich praised the whole Border Guard Force and hailed the force’s achievements in 2017.

Regarding its tasks in 2018, he suggested that the yearly resolution on military and defense affairs and building of the Party organization should focus on closely following and implementing instructions of the Central Military Commission on defense, military and border tasks, while Party committees at all levels should carefully study the real situation and their tasks so as to draw up proper policies and approaches in accordance with reality of situations and to lead the units to successfully fulfill their assignments.

He also asked the Party Committee of the Border Guard Force to thoroughly grasp the situation and give good advice to the Central Military Commission so that the commission can propose that the Party and State craft policies in time to effectively handle issues or incidents.

The whole force was requested to firmly protect national border sovereignty, manage well the national border line, implement fully the Party and State’s policies and directions on building a borderline of peace, cooperation and development with other involved countries on the basis of respecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, strengthen border foreign relations with foreign partners in line with the Party and State’s policies, actively participate in building the local political system of border communes, and support local people in socio-economic development.

On the occasion, General Lich also asked relevant agencies under the Defense Ministry to provide more supports for the Border Guard Force to complete all assigned tasks.

Translated by Thu Nguyen