Delegates at the conference underscored that the Permanent Board of the Central Military Commission and leadership of the Ministry of National Defense directed the whole military in January 2018 to take comprehensive, coordinated and drastic measures to successfully fulfill the military and defense missions.

Particularly, Party Committees, agencies and units at all levels across the military well organized the year-end conferences to review their task performances in 2017; prepared for the upcoming lunar New Year festival (Tet); enhanced ideological and political education, dissemination of their military and defense missions; promoted the building of the whole-military Party organization; effectively implemented defense foreign affairs; excellently completed all investment, financial and economic plans, logistic and technical work and other assignments, meeting the task requirements.

Meanwhile, the political viewpoints and thoughts of all officers and the ranks were stable, and their spiritual and material lives were well maintained.

Defense Minister, General Ngo Xuan Lich chairing the conference

Addressing the conference, General Lich spoke highly of the good results of all agencies and units across the military, saying that they had tried hard to overcome difficulties and complete all assigned tasks with some excellent outcomes. He also analyzed the current situation, advantages and disadvantages that may affect the military’s task performance in February 2018.

On behalf of the Permanent Board of the Central Military Commission and leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, General Lich required that strategic agencies should fully perform all of their functions of advising higher-level authorities and directing lower-level agencies and units. Party Committees and chains of commands at all levels should strictly maintain the combat readiness posture of their units while closely embracing the situation, dealing with emerging issues and incidents on time, definitely avoiding being driven into passive and surprising positions, and strictly following the mandate to maintain combat readiness during the upcoming Tet.

The Permanent Board of the Central Military Commission and leadership of the Ministry of National Defense will instruct agencies and units to complete their plans on shifting states of combat readiness and drawing up operational-level training plans for 2018; further coordinate with relevant Central agencies to craft resolutions to well implement the Conclusion of the Party Central Committee on the organization of the military toward 2021 and the Resolution of the Politburo on the equipment for the military toward 2025; enhance Party and political work during Tet; expand activities of dissemination and education of the Party in celebration of the 88th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the 50th anniversary of the Mau Than 1968 General Offensive and Uprising; promote the sense of responsibilities of basic-level officers in managing their men’s thoughts and organizing a sound, happy, safe and economical Tet for their units while seriously maintaining combat readiness and heightening their vigilance.

General Lich also asked agencies and units’ leaders to pay Tet greeting visits to local authorities, policy beneficiaries, national contributors, servicemen’s families and needy people; and conduct well all mass mobilization tasks, particularly in remote areas, key and strategic localities and residential places of ethnic minorities and religious people.

Translated by Thu Nguyen