Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Minh, Deputy Defense Minister made the statement at a courtesy reception for the United Nations pre-deployment inspection mission on the occasion of their visit to Vietnam on January 29 in Hanoi.

At the reception

The six-member mission, led by Lieutenant Colonel Cecilie Konradsen, included officials and staff from the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the UN Department of Field Support and the UN Mission in South Sudan.

At the reception, General Vinh warmly welcomed the mission to give a final check on Vietnam’s preparation for the deployment of the first level-two field hospital. He added that Vietnam lacks experiences because this is the first time the country has prepared for the deployment of a level-two field hospital to a UN peacekeeping mission and asked the visiting mission to share their experiences in this field to help Vietnam deploy the hospital as planned.

Vinh said that Vietnam is practicing the pre-deployment training of the hospital in Hanoi and hoped to receive further assistance from the UN as well as foreign countries and international partners. 

On behalf of the visiting mission, Lieutenant Colonel Cecilie Konradsen highly appreciated Vietnam’s efforts and affirmed to cooperate effectively with Vietnam to help it deploy its first level-two field hospital in the coming time.

On January 30, the mission arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to check Vietnam’s preparation for the hospital.

Translated by Tran Hoai