The tabletop exercise was based on mocks-up to be held at sea.

At the exercise, Indonesia naval officers presented a pre-sail briefing for the MNEK 2018 participating forces to discuss and make contributions to the exercise at sea, with the focus on formation, operations, security and order, communications, logistics and military medical provision.

At the exercise

In addition, they continued to discuss and reach consensus on verbal commands, orders and passwords.

According to the sailing schedule, the participants are divided into two tactical groups: flotillas 18.1 and 18.2. The first, including vessels and aircraft, will practice conducting maritime accident prevention and ensuring maritime security and safety. Meanwhile, the second group, gathering medical and cargo ships, will perform search and rescue, underway replenishment, and humanitarian relief. The Vietnamese hospital ship 561 is in the 18.2 flotilla.

On May 8, they reach the north of Lombok Island, Indonesia to carry out the field exercise, scheduled to last until the following day.

Translated by Trung Thanh