At a meeting of the two sides, Deputy-Commander of MR 4, Major General Ha Tan Tien briefed the Lao delegation on the outcomes of the cooperation between MR 4 and Laos over the past time.

At the reception for Lao Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Douangdy

Accordingly, the Vietnamese military region directed relevant units to well collaborate with Lao units and localities along the shared borderline and mobilize locals to follow the policies of the two Parties and States. Thanks to the supports of the Lao localities’ authorities and armed forces, in the dry season of 2017-2018, the MR 4's searching team has repatriated 183 sets of Vietnamese martyrs’ remains, sacrificing themselves while conducting international services in Laos.

At the meeting, the Lao Deputy-Prime Minister and MR 4’s leadership discussed measures to bolster their friendship and cooperation in the time to come. Particularly, they agreed to implement the projects of economic development and poverty alleviation and hunger eradication and collaborate to ensure political security and social order along the shared borderline, contributing to tightening the solidarity and friendship between the two countries.

Translated by Trung Thanh