At the reception at the Defense Ministry’s headquarters, the Lao officer informed the host of the outcomes of the talks, held earlier in the day, with the delegation of the Legal Department of the Vietnamese Defense Ministry, led by Major General Han Manh Thang.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Chiem (R) and Colonel Kanthong Soukleuangkham

During the talks, the two sides briefed each other on their departments’ establishment, position, function, missions and organization.

They also agreed to further cooperation, experience sharing and mutual support between the two departments in the time to come to help the two Defense Ministries improve the quality of the building of laws related to military and defense.

Speaking highly of the outcomes of the meeting of the two defense ministries’ legal agencies, General Chiem confirmed that the Vietnamese Defense Ministry’s leaders always support and create favorable conditions for the two agencies to strengthen their cooperation and to fulfill each side’s missions, contributing to deepening the relationship between the two militaries.

General Chiem suggested the two departments promote delegation exchanges, information and experience sharing, and training for staff of the two sides helping them accomplish all assigned missions.

Translated by Mai Huong