Viettel is a latecomer to the province in comparison with other local suppliers. However, Viettel Dak Lak paid due attention to investing telecom infrastructure in rural areas, which   are home to mostly ethnic minority groups, and expanded its service coverage across the province. Thus, local customers soon enjoyed the branch’s services, such as cell phones, the Internet, Wi-Fi, and fiber optic cables.

At present, Viettel Dak Lak has 570 base transceiver stations (BTS) and more than 5,700km of cables covering all communes in the province.

Viettel Dak Lak updating personal information for subscribers

Last year, the branch recorded a revenue of nearly VND 1 trillion and contributed VND 70 billion to the provincial budget.

In addition, Viettel Dak Lak actively and proactively ensured smooth communications for military and defense missions, and contributed billions of VND to local welfare activities.

In June 2017, the Dak Lak provincial People’s Committee signed an agreement with Viettel on the application of information technology (IT) in the period 2017-2020. Accordingly, Viettel will support the province to enhance IT applications in local public sectors, such as healthcare, education and training, public administration services, transportation, culture and tourism, security and traffic safety. This would enable the province to reach the Vietnam Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Index.

Particularly, the group has prioritized investments in projects on development and production of hardware and electronics in the province’s industrial zones, supportd the locality to attract investment in the local ICT sector, and connected it to major firms, to name but a few. In the period 2019-2020, Viettel will continue to support the province to upgrade and expand the aforementioned projects while investing more ICT applications in the province.

Deputy-Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tuan Ha spoke highly of Viettel Dak Lak’s contributions to the local socio-economic development and security-defense work over the past years, and underlined that Dak Lak teams up with Viettel for ICT applications because of its good telecom infrastructure and high-quality human resources.

Translated by Van Hieu