Major General Nguyen Xuan Nang (right) receiving gifts from a former Con Dao prisoner.
The objects include a cane of Mr. Ngo Dinh Thoi, a former guerrilla in Da Nang City. Thoi joined the resistance war against American imperialists and was imprisoned in Con Dao for seven years. During imprisonment, he and other political prisoners rejected to salute the flag of the Saigon government from 1965 to 1973. He was barbarously tortured by the enemy’s troops. Admiring his brave deeds, a fellow prisoner presented Thoi the cane after he was released in 1973.

Addressing the ceremony, Major General Nguyen Xuan Nang, the museum’s Director affirmed that it was an honor for the museum to receive valuable gifts from former Con Dao prisoners. He promised that the museum will well preserve and promote the values of those items.

Earlier, the Vietnam Museum of Military History launched a 3D electronic museum in Con Dao in return to the sentiment of former Con Dao prisoners.

These items will be preserved in the museum.

At the event, the museum also received 120 outstanding posters from a contest, themed “Army with Environmental Protection and Climate Change Mitigation,” from the Office of the General Department of Politics.

Translated by Tran Hoai