The project is funded by the US Golden West Humanitarian Foundation (GWHF) at a total cost of nearly USD 95,000.

It will equip two disposal teams, including 24 technicians, with necessary skills while helping the provincial Military Command establish technical teams to maintain training standards.

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Quang Tri also worked with foreign non-governmental organizations and the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to launch the RENEW project to expand survey and clear UXO in Huong Hoa mountainous district.

Between now and 2021, the UK’s Mines Advisory Group will offer additional USD 2.5 million to Quang Tri to clear the deadly war legacy in its sixth stage.

Meanwhile, the NPA will provide over GBP 395,000 (USD 524,000) for the province to carry out the project “Restoring environment and overcoming war consequences – survey and clearance of explosives.”

Quang Tri is the most severely contaminated by bombs and mines across the country. So far, over 3,400 have been killed and 5,100 others injured by UXO nationwide.

In 1996, Quang Tri is the first province nationwide to launch an international cooperation project on overcoming the consequences of UXO.

Over the past 23 years, Quang Tri has mobilized over USD 80 million from sponsors, domestic and foreign organizations to the effort.

Source: VNA