PANO - Urgent solutions to prevent and mitigate accidents which might be caused by bombs, unexploded ordnance (UXO) left from wars will be further implemented synchronously, according to the recent instruction by the Prime Minister.

Under Instruction No.20/CT-TTg, relevant organizations will join hands in carrying out following solutions. First, responsibility of the whole political system must be heightened while the awareness of UXO dangers must be raised among local people, especially teenagers and youths in localities with high rate of UXO-related accidents in the past five years, especially in the Central and Central Highlands regions.

Second, legal regulations and fines for gathering, purchasing, possessing, sawing, cutting and using UXO should be popularized among people.

Third, it is necessary to check and revise legal documents, policy mechanism, instructions related to the state management and dealing with the above-mentioned illegal acts.

Fourth, ministries’, relevant organizations’ and localities’ responsibility for managing, controlling and dealing with violations of individuals and groups should be raised.

Fifth, proposals on coordination models, support for UXO-related victims should be given together with priority for the improvement of military-civilian medical stations in remote and UXO-contaminated areas.

Translated by Mai Huong