Military Region 5 has completed all missions assigned, particularly in training and combat readiness, contributed significantly to national construction and protection, and proven its core role in natural disaster response and addressing the aftermath, as well as in the fight against COVID-19, the NA leader noted at the meeting.

Chairwoman of the National Assembly (NA) Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and officials at the meeting

The area faced six successive storms and tropical depressions this year and hundreds of thousands of personnel from the local armed force were mobilized on search and rescue operations, repairing damaged local facilities and conducting sanitation work, she said.

She recommended the military region strengthen its forces and pay due regard to political education for its personnel.

The official ordered the enhancement of the protection of internal politics and the Party’s ideological foundation, to effectively combat “peaceful evolution” plots by hostile forces and to offer prompt advice to localities and sectors in addressing complex issues.

Ngan asked the military region to join hands with local Party Committees and authorities to consolidate national defense, particularly at sea, on islands, and in border areas.

She said it should remain attentive to reinforcing national solidarity via the socio-economic and cultural development of remote locations and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities.

Ngan also highlighted other key tasks, such as mass mobilization, poverty reduction, and developing economic-defense zones.

Earlier on the same day, Ngan and her entourage visited and presented gifts to Heroic Mother Trinh Thi Thin and Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Le Hai Ly in Da Nang.

Source: VNA