At the conference, delegates talked about contents related to the cultural space at the expo, including an exhibition highlighting the Vietnamese culture, landscape, and people, as well as traditions and historical milestones of the Vietnam People’s Army.

Delegates at the event

Attentively, the cultural space will feature virtual reality experience area 3D Mapping which combines virtual reality spatial techniques 3D Mapping with light and sound effects to display and react historical context and milestones during the 80-year journey of building, fight and growth of the Vietnam People's Army.

Meanwhile, at the cultural space, artistic programs will take place in accordance with the principles, purposes, external affairs activities and the expo.

Concluding the conference, the delegates agreed on several contents. Particularly, the Air Defense - Air Force Service will study, build and complete the outline for the exhibition and estimate budget before June 30.

The art troupes of the Air Defense - Air Force Service and the Vietnam Border Guard Command will draw up ideas and themes of the program and training road-maps. The Department of Political Education and Information will compile contents and develop a specific plan for cultural space and artistic programs, and submit reports to the organizing panel in July.

Translated by Chung Anh