The event was attended by all personnel assigned with the task of working as liaison officers and interpreters from the Defense Ministry’s affiliated units and military schools. Instructors are skilled officers working in the General Department of Defense Industry, Department of Military Security Protection under the General Department of Political Affairs, and the Department of Foreign Relations under the Defense Ministry.

Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Relations Sr. Col. Nguyen Duy Minh speaks at the event.

Addressing the event, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Relations Senior Colonel Nguyen Duy Minh noted that this is the second time the Vietnamese Defense Ministry has hosted the international defense expo, on the occasion of the 80th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army and the 35th anniversary of the Whole People’s Defense Festive Day. Therefore, it holds significant importance, showing Vietnam’s progress in international integration, contributing to promoting the role of the country and its military in the international and regional arenas.

Delegates and trainees during the event

The expo will draw the participation of many high-ranking military leaders from other countries and defense industry firms worldwide. Therefore, Vietnam should be well-prepared for the event to spread the image of a country of peace, development, hospitality, and friendliness, of which reception and interpretation plays important roles, contributing to the success of the expo.

During the course, the trainees are provided with information about the expo, its significance towards the nation and military’s foreign affairs activities. They are also equipped with regulations in ensuring security and safety; coordination work among liaison officers and interpreters and others forces to ensure security, responsibilities and duties of the liaison officer as well as experience in handling situations.

An overview of the refresher course

This is a good occasion for the liaison officers and interpreters to have practical knowledge, and apply what they learnt from the first Vietnam International Defense Expo in 2022. Thus, Col. Minh requested the trainees to spend time grasping the knowledge and apply to reality.

Translated by Minh Anh