Firepower of Battalion 563 annihilate targets in the integrated tactical exercise.

During the ten-day exercise, troops practiced three contents, namely shifting combat readiness status to a higher level, maneuvering and garrisoning; tactical operations; and live-fire exercise.

In this exercise, troops closely followed the set plan, pro-actively overcame difficulties, implemented duties according to regulations, made accurate movements, and effectively used equipped weapons and materiel.

Troops are about to capture the terrains.

Despite rains, huge volume of work, high training intensity, the exercise ended with absolute safety in all aspects thanks to the close leadership and direction of the Naval Region 5 Command’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command, thorough preparations, and close coordination among participating forces.

* The same day, Brigade 126 of Naval Region 4 finished its two-day training session at sea for 2023 for its affiliated squadrons and combat ships in the waters of Khanh Hoa province under the direction of Senior Captain Nguyen Van Ngan, Deputy Chief of Staff of Naval Region 4.

During the event, the ships performed their coordination in combat, maneuvered in formation, and conducted defensive operations during maneuvering and at anchorage areas.

Practicing detecting toxic substances
A view of the missile attack training in the commanding post on the 012-Ly Thai To
Defensive operations at anchorage site at night

Captain Pham Van Son, Commanding Officer of Brigade 162, said that the highlight of this training session was the improvement of coordination among ships, and among units in the region, as well as mastering of tactical formations. He added that in the coming time, the brigade will maintain integrated training for squads in close attachment to combat reality at sea.

Congratulating troops on competing the duties

Though practicing in unfavorable weather conditions, all the ships successfully completed the training and examination contents, meeting the set targets, and ensuring absolute safety.

Attentively, during the training session, smooth communication was ensured; ships and crew-members promptly, flexibly, and precisely dealt with tactical situations given by the brigade’s chain-of-command. These good results were vivid evidence of the good combat training, combat readiness capability and coordination to meet the requirement of the national maritime sovereignty safeguarding mission in the new situation.

Translated by Mai Huong