The event was hosted by the Ministry of National Defense (MND)’s Drafting Board of the amended law with the participation of delegates from the Department of the Militia and Self-Defense Forces, leaders of MR 3, provincial and municipal Military and Border Guard Commands in the region. 

Major General Ngo Minh Tien chairs the conference.

According to reports delivered at the event, over the past time, the militia and self-defense missions have been strictly carried out by the military region, raising awareness of people and authorities at all levels and their sense of responsibility for the missions as well as strengthening the capabilities of the forces. All local military units and authorities paid due attention to building standing, mobile, air-defense, artillery and coastal militia and self-defense units with political strength while consolidating their organizational structures and Party organizations of the militia and self-defense units in accordance to each locality’s situation.

The above-mentioned achievements affirmed the MR’s efforts in putting the law into life, contributing to building the whole-people’s defense disposition coupled with the whole people security posture and firm defensive areas.

At the event, participants also pointed out shortcomings and challenges in exercising the law. For instance, several new guidelines on defense, security, and national protection have not been institutionalized in the current law, while some contents in the law are not compatible with the Constitution 2013 and other relevant legal documents.   

Concluding the conference, General Tien affirmed that the amended draft law involves all aspects in life; therefore, relevant agencies and units should continue collecting opinions to revise and complete the draft Law.

Translated by Tran Hoai