Over the past 84 years since its foundation, the Vietnam Militia and Self-Defense Force has overcome all difficulties, hardships and challenges to complete its assigned tasks, contributing significantly to national victories in the past national liberation wars as well as common achievements in the current national construction and defense.

During wartime, although members of the Militia and Self-Defense Force worked in offices, factories and fields, they still achieved a number of glorious victories in the fight against foreign invaders.

At the event

In peace time, their duties are mainly to protect their agencies, factories and villages but they still participate actively in ensuring public order and security in localities as well as in disaster relief and rescue missions.

For their great achievements, as many as 370 groups and 284 individuals of the Militia and Self-Defense Force have been presented with the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” while the whole force has received the most noble order “Golden Star” from the Party and State, over the past 84 years.

At the meeting, delegates exchanged unforgettable experiences and discussed approaches to build up the force at Central-level agencies, ministries, branches, sectors and localities, and create favorable conditions for the force to successfully accomplish its assignments in the current context.

Translated by Song Anh