The event was co-chaired by Minister of National Defense General Phan Van Giang and Minister of Public Security General To Lam.

General Phan Van Giang speaks at the working session.

Speaking at the working session, General Giang affirmed that since their establishment, the Vietnam People’s Army and the people’s public security force have always been loyal to the Party, State, and people, becoming key forces in the protection of the Fatherland, the national security, and the social order and safety. They have stood side by side in any circumstances to fulfill all assigned mission, contributing to creating a peaceful and stable environment for economic development and safeguarding the people’s life.

The two forces have collaborated closely to deal with critical issues of defense and security, while regularly tightening their solidarity to build strength of each force in the national construction and protection cause.

General To Lam addresses the event.

On the occasion of the 77th founding anniversary of the people’s public security force, on behalf of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense, General Phan Van Giang wished General To Lam and the public security troops excellent performance of tasks assigned by the Party, State, and people.

In turn, General To Lam recalled outcomes of the coordination between the two ministries over the past time. He underlined that the people’s military and the people’s public security force have worked well to safeguard the national security and sovereignty, ensure social order and safety, and fight against crimes. The two ministries have collaborated well to provide timely recommendations for the Party and State on ensuring defense-security while giving advice to the Politburo to issue important resolutions on building the Vietnam People’s Army and the people’s security force.

General Giang presents a gift to the public security minister on the occasion of the foundation day of the people’s public security force.

On behalf of the Party Committee of Central Public Security and the Central Public Security Party Committee, General Lam hoped to boost collaboration and receive assistance from the Ministry of National Defense in the time to come, contributing to building a firm people’s public security force and meeting the force’s task requirements in the current context.

On the occasion, General To Lam expressed his thank to the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, and General Phan Van Giang for sending best wishes to the people’s public security force on its foundation day.

Translated by Trung Thanh