At the event

Speaking at the conference, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Giang, the department’s Deputy Director, said that in the first half of this year the military medical sector took drastic measures to take care of troops’ health, including protecting troops in the whole military from being affected by COVID-19 and ensuring food hygiene and safety. 

Military medical establishments also ensured medical services for combat readiness missions, unexpected missions, and important events of the Party, State, and military. The force also focused on developing a military healthcare system planning projects, and plans to build smart hospitals.

The conference agreed that in the coming time the sector will prioritize medical services for those who are protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands and cooperate with civilian medical units to effectively prevent and control COVID-19 in the new stage.

The force will provide healthcare services to the Party’, State’, and army’s events and ASEAN conferences hosted by Vietnam. It will strengthen cooperation with foreign military medical forces, effectively fulfil the role as the chair of Board of Directors of the ASEAN Center of Military Medicine, and make preparations for the International Army Games 2020. 

In addition, relevant military medical units joining UN peacekeeping missions will select and train personnel for the third level-two field hospital of Vietnam and the level-1 field hospital of Vietnam’s Engineering Company.  

According to ASEAN agreement, the sector will also prepare personnel and equipment for the military medical team to participate in humanitarian aid and disaster relief activities. The force will host exercises on disease prevention and conduct health examination programs during the first Vietnam-Cambodia Border Defense Friendship Exchange.

Translated by Song Anh