Troops of the Border Station of Huu Nghi International Border Gate introducing the new patrol road

According to Lieutenant Colonel Mai Van Manh, Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Lang Son provincial Border Guard Command, the province’ border guards are the core force in charge of managing and protecting 231.7 kilometers of national borderline. The province’s border area covers 20 communes and a townlet, with 176 bordering villages. This is an area with difficult terrain and inconvenient traffic; local people’s living standards are low; crime activities are complicated; and hostile forces have stepped up sabotage with many sophisticated tricks.

Knowing about the situation, the province’s border guard command has issued a leadership resolution, proposed specific policies and measures for the border work and the enforcement of the Vietnam Border Guard Law. One of the solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of border work has been to enhance mass mobilization, build and multiply good models and ways, contributing to building firm whole people's border guard and people's heart postures, creating synergy to manage and protect territorial sovereignty and national border security.

Over the past years, agencies and units under the provincial Border Guard Command have exerted great efforts in mobilizing troops and people, especially those in border areas, to strictly observe the State’s law and the locality’s regulations in the protection of national sovereignty and border security, particularly the implementation of the Law on National Borders (2003) and the Vietnam Border Guard Law (2020), among others.

The new patrol road built by the Border Station of Huu Nghi International Border Gate

Meanwhile, they have built many effective models associated with the movement on border security protection. Among them, the models “Bamboo fence in border areas” and “Light in border areas” have been highly appreciated in the program to honor typical examples in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle held by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communication and Education.

Political officer of the Border Station of the Huu Nghi International Border Gate Lieutenant Colonel Vu Anh Linh shared that the unit is managing 19 border markers stretching along nearly 4 kilometers of border line. Last year, the unit completed the construction of two patrol roads and since the beginning of this year, the unit has built 11 roads with a total length of 5km. By the end of this year, the unit has set a target of building 18 roads leading to border markers to ensure safety when conducting patrols.

In addition, since 2023, the unit has installed LED lights on border roads; presented 1,200 bamboo trees to bordering villages; and supported the construction of two gratitude houses, a power line in Keo Kham village, Dong Dang townlet, Cao Loc district, and local roads in Nam Quan and Vuon Sai residential areas. The unit has also coordinated with local schools to provide financial support for 18 students with an amount of VND 500,000 per student per month, as well as built a “Lessons in border areas” model to raise students’ awareness of border protection.

Lt. Col. Mai Van Manh said that agencies and units and border stations all have planned to build and implement a unified model, while promoting creativity appropriate to each area. The Vietnam Border Guard Command has directed agencies and units to give advice to higher levels and local authorities; closely coordinated with other forces to mobilize the whole political system to join hands to manage and protect border and border markers, and ensure security and order in border areas.

Troops of Tan Thanh Border Post joining hands to build a new rural road

Moreover, the border guards should concentrate on external affairs; regularly exchange situation with functional forces of neighboring countries in dissemination work, crime and smuggling prevention and combat, and settlement of arising issues in border areas. Thanks to these measures and the efficiency of border work, Lang Son border troops have built a firm people’s heart posture, creating motivation to build a strong whole-people border posture in the border area.

Translated by Quynh Oanh