Brigade 125 under the Naval Region 2 Command is a military transport unit, tasked with maritime transport in response to missions at sea and on islands, and over the Southern continental shelf, safeguarding national sovereignty over sea and islands, and conducting search and rescue missions, among others.

Offering incense in tribute to no-number ships’ martyrs

Meanwhile, the brigade also builds the Party and political work plans for regular and unexpected tasks, and ensures logistic and technical work for ships operating at sea.

Addressing the inspection, General Cong hailed the unit’s task performance over the past time, as well as its observance of higher levels’ directions and orders on combat readiness work, especially on the occasion of the August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2).

The delegation visiting the brigade’s hall-of-fame

In addition, he also requested the brigade to focus on building documents on combat readiness shifting at sea, raising political education quality for its troops, and promptly accomplish all assigned missions in the coming time.

Earlier, the delegation also offered incense in tribute to heroic martyrs at a monument dedicated to no-number ships’ martyrs and the temple of fallen soldiers; and visited the brigade’s hall-of-fame.

Translated by Minh Anh