During his speech at the ceremony, Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan praised and acknowledged the achievements of the Military Technical Academy in recent times.

Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan delivers a speech at the ceremony.

He urged the academy to adhere to the set schedules for various research projects and scientific and technological research. He emphasized the importance of aligning with the directions of the Ministry of National Defence and the State on science and technology, and the practical training needs, ensuring the combat readiness of the unit, particularly in the context of modernizing the military. He called for a focus on researching and mastering core technologies, expanding international cooperation in training and scientific research.

Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan presents flowers to MTA representatives.
MTA Director Major General Le Minh Thai addressed the event.

At the ceremony, Major General Le Minh Thai, the Director of MTA, highlighted the glorious tradition of the academy, with nearly 57 years of construction and development. The MTA has evolved into a crucial center for education, training, and scientific research. It provides high-quality human resources for the military and the nation, successfully implementing numerous researching projects for effective training and combat readiness missions of the military.

Translated by Trung Thanh