The meeting saw the presence of the academy’s director Lieutenant General Nguyen Cong Dinh and its commissar Major General Tran Van Thuong.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, the MTA strictly embraced and realized resolutions and directives of all levels, especially the resolution adopted at the 10th Congress of the MTA’s Party Organization, the leadership resolution for the 2021-2022 school year in line with the COVID-19 situation.

Delegates at the event

The school also concentrated on the plan to implement the project on developing the academy by 2030 with a vision to 2045, and approved the plan on developing its departments, institutes, and centers by 2030 and following years, as well as reviewed and adjusted training contents and programs.

Attentively, it closely managed the progress and quality of scientific and technological themes and duties, maintained international cooperation, strengthened force regularity building, and ensured logistic, technical supplies and finance for missions. In addition, the school’s Party and political work was carried out comprehensively and effectively while the Party building work was enhanced. The whole academy’s political and ideological situation was stable and its staff and cadets showed high solidarity and unity.

Moreover, the school’s emulation and reward work and “Determined-to-Win” emulation movement were implemented comprehensively, synchronously, and close to the theme “United, exemplary, disciplinary, flexible, creative, determined-to-win.”

Especially, the “Determined-to-Win” emulation movement helped encourage its staff, cadets, and troops to promote revolutionary heroism and patriotism, firm political stance, be loyal to the Party, Fatherland, and people, and volunteer to undertake difficult duties and complete all missions. Additionally, timely reward and commendations contributed to building a strong and healthy party organization, and typical, exemplary, comprehensively-strong units and agencies.

Translated by Mai Huong