A report delivered at the meeting confirmed that the GS has directed the whole military to implement and complete their duties according to September plan.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong chairs the conference.

The GS has well grasped situations, strictly exercised combat readiness duties, made recommendations to the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense to report to the Party and State leaders to effectively deal with situations.

It has directed Military Region 3, and other military units to organize exercises, training sessions, and sporting festivals with absolute safety of personnel and equipment. Attentively, under its leadership, agencies and units have mobilized forces and vehicles to promptly respond to natural disaster prevention and control and search and rescue operations in Lao Cai province and other stationed localities.

In September, units have strictly observed and managed the borderline, prevented and dealt with illegal entry and exit cases; kept a close watch on key areas and put their forces and vehicles on stand-by to take on missions on request. They have also ensured smooth operation of the cryptographic technical system, and confidential, precise, and timely reception of directions in all situations, and more.

Delegates at the event

In his conclusion speech, Gen. Cuong praised the whole military for their outstanding achievements in military and defense task performance over the past time. He also seriously pointed out weaknesses that need fixing.

Analyzing impacts on the performance of  coming military and defense duties posed by domestic, regional and global situations, the GS chief urged the whole military to strictly observe combat readiness duty regulations, closely follow situational developments, particularly those in key areas and in the East Sea (South China Sea), carry out measures to fight IUU fishing, and further control information on cyber space, ensure smooth communication, and handle situations in a timely manner and in accordance with regulations.

Gen. Cuong asked units to hold exercises, training, competitions as scheduled, make thorough preparations for live-fire tests, boost good relationships between officers and soldiers and between old and newly-recruited troops, maintain all-level search and rescue response mode, pay more attention to firefighting, disaster prevention, incident response and search and rescue operations.

The chief of the GS also requested the completion of the draft Decree detailing a number of articles of the Civil Defense Law; the report to the Ministry of National Defense to submit to the Government for the approval of the implementation plan of the Civil Defense Law; the review of legal regulations on the state of emergency; the completion of the Ministry of National Defense’s plan on implementing the project to upgrade capability of response to incidents, natural disasters and search and rescue until 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Translated by Mai Huong