Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Oanh, Deputy Director of the Political Department and Deputy Head of the organizing board, chaired the opening ceremony of the course for senior officers with colonel and senior colonel ranks and other cadres with position allowance rates of 0.7 and above.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Oanh addresses the event.

Other courses were for officers with ranks from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, business managers with position allowance rates ranging from 0.5 to 0.7; and those ranking Senior Captain and below, and managers whose position allowance rates are under 0.5.

In his speech, Colonel Oanh laid stress on the importance of defense and security education in the national education. He added that the defense and security education work for all categories is an annual routine task with the aim of improving all-level cadres’ awareness and responsibility of the Party’s guideline and policies on defense and security, the Party’s leadership mechanism, and the State’s management on this field. These will help them realize hostile forces’ schemes and tricks of sabotage towards the revolution of Vietnam and be a foundation for them to apply to their current and future duty performance.

Delegates at the course

Colonel Oanh asked the trainees to raise sense of responsibility, be active and proactive in their learning, further study and boost exchanges to make clear theoretical and practical issues, as well as the party’s viewpoints, guidelines, and policies on defense and security. In addition, they should resolutely fight against all plots of hostile forces and effectively prevent negative phenomena in society, contribute to building and strongly safeguarding the Fatherland in the new situation.

Translated by Mai Huong