Major General Nguyen Hong Phuong speaks at the working session with Brigade 229.

Having inspected the unit, the visiting mission evaluated that in the first months of 2022, Brigade 229 under the Engineering Corps have thoroughly embraced and comprehensively and effectively carried out higher levels’ directives, plans, and guidance on Party and political work, contributing to maintaining political, ideological, and organizational stability.  

Notably, the unit thoroughly embraced troops’ thoughts and educated them to raise their awareness of national and international issues.  It also obtained significant outcomes in raising the quality of meetings of the Party committee.

To fulfill missions set for 2022, the mission asked the brigade to continue fostering education work to augment troops’ awareness and responsibility, seriously observe discipline, and strictly prevent signs of “self-evolution" and "self-transformation."

The mission checking political awareness of the unit's personnel

The unit was also requested to effectively carry out Party and political work while implementing key missions, including training, combat readiness, and joining the Army Games 2022.

Translated by Tran Hoai