Reportedly, over the past time, the Party Committee and Chain-of-Command of MR5 have directed troops at all levels to comprehensively and effectively implement the law and related documents. Meanwhile, the MR5’s officers have also met all task requirements, contributing to building an increasingly strong military region, meeting the requirements of building the military in the new situation.

Addressing the event, Gen. Quyet acknowledged and hailed the unit’s achievements over the past time. Accordingly, they have strictly implemented the law and ensured personnel work, while taking care of troops’ living standards and creating favorable conditions for them to fulfill all assigned missions.

Senior Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet speaks at the conference of Military Region 5.

He also requested the unit to collect comments and make recommendations to the higher levels.

On the occasion, MR5 presented certificates of merit to eight outstanding collectives and 23 individuals who made contribution to the implementation of the Law on Officers of the VPA.

* On the same day, the Army Academy held a duty handover ceremony for its former and new political commissars. The GDP’s Deputy Chief Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau chaired the conference.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau (center) presents flowers to Major General Tran Danh Khai (first, right) and Lieutenant General Do Van Banh (first, left) at the event.

Earlier, Prime Minister had signed Decision No.1345/QD-TTG, issued on November 14, 2023, regarding the retirement of Lieutenant General Do Van Banh, the former political commissar of the academy. In Decision No.645/QDD- BQP, issued on November 14, 2023, the Prime Minister appointed Major General Tran Danh Khai, Political Commissar of former Army Corps 2, as the new political commissar of the academy. Lieutenant General Do Van Banh handed over the duties and responsibilities of political commissar of the Army Academy right after the conference.

Addressing the event, Gen. Gau congratulated Lieutenant General Do Van Banh and Major General Tran Danh Khai, hoping that they would fulfill their missions in the new positions.

* The Engineering Corps, on December 5, also held a conference to review its implementation of the Law on Officers of the VPA. The conference was attended by Deputy Chief of the VPA’s General Staff Major General Pham Truong Son.

An overview of the conference

Reports delivered at the conference affirmed that the unit’s Party Committee has regularly directed affiliated units to strictly follow the law in its personnel work, focusing on training and combat readiness missions.

The conference also pointed out difficulties facing the unit during the implementation of the law, and raised some recommendations to adjust the law in line with the reality.

Speaking at the conference, Gen. Son hailed the unit’s achievements in implementing the law, requesting them to continue to properly implement directives and resolutions of higher levels to build a high quality team of officers, meeting all task requirements.

Translated by Minh Anh