The GDL’s delegation checks MR4’s Logistics Department.

Accordingly, in the first six months of this year, MR4 has synchronously and effectively implemented logistics work for its troops, reaching the set targets and raising the quality of troops’ material and spiritual life.

Meanwhile, MR4 has organized training courses on logistics work for troops, maintained order and discipline, managed and used materials and budget in an economical manner.

After inspection, Lieutenant General Tran Duy Giang applauded the achievements gained by MR4 over the past time.

In the time to come, the GDL Director required MR4 to direct its affiliated agencies and units to strictly embrace the guidelines and resolutions of the Central Military Commission, the directions of the Ministry of National Defense on logistics work, as well as GDL’s instructions.

Meanwhile, the GDL should strictly maintain order and discipline, ensure logistics supplies for combat readiness tasks, effectively carry out the organization of logistics services for defensive areas.

Gen. Giang noted that MR4’s logistics sector should further foster production according to each unit’s conditions while focusing on improving the quality of troops’ life, ensuring enough resources of petrol and oil to fulfill assignments and strictly maintaining the preservation and maintenance of vehicles.

Besides, MR4 should promote digital transformation in logistics work to uphold the effectiveness of the emulation movement “Military logistics sector follows President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings.”

The delegation inspects Battalion 3, Regiment 1, Division 324.
Lieutenant General Tran Huy Giang works with Division 324.
Gen. Giang speaks at the working session with the MR4 Command.
Lieutenant General Ha Tho Binh, MR4 Commander, addressing the event

An overview of the working session

Translated by Quynh Oanh