In 2022, the unit’s chains-of-command have strictly directed its troops to implement all resolutions and directions of higher levels on Party building work, effectively conducted Politburo’s Directive 05 and Resolution 847 of the Central Military Commission on promoting virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, resolutely fighting against individualism in the new situation.

Major General Do Thanh Phong speaks at the event.

In addition, the unit has compiled many documents to serve dissemination and education work for its troops, implemented various practical activities at weekends, and launched emulation movements, focusing on the unit’s political missions.

Meanwhile, the unit has also closely worked with local authorities to implement the movement “Joining hands in building new-style rural areas,” ensured the implementation of policies for military and its rear, and conducted gratitude activities, among others.

Division 968 presenting gifts to the GDP's delegation

In the coming time, the GDP’s delegation requested the unit to continue to direct and effectively implement Party and political work during task performance, with the focus on raising training quality and combat readiness, grasp the local situation, carry out mobilization work to deepen military-civilian ties, to name but a few.

Translated by Minh Anh