An EC-225 helicopter landing on the helipad on the rooftop of the Injury and Orthopedics Hospital
An EC-225 helicopter taking off in the evening

The training session was observed by leaders of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, local departments, Military Hospital 175 and Army Corps 18.

With good preparation, close coordination and assurance of safety of involved units, the EC-225 helicopter of the Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company successfully performed landings and takeoffs with absolute safety, meeting the set requirements.

Leaders of Ho Chi Minh municipal People’s Committee and other units congratulating the flight crew on their successful daytime flight performance

During the sorties, medivac teams from Military Hospital 175 practiced moving patients to and from the helicopter on the helipad built on a high-rise building.

Through this training program, the two participating units had a chance to double check technical factors and safe plans for flight operation on helipad, contributing to improving the quality of medical evacuation in the time ahead and making preparation for building a multipurpose (airway, road, waterway) emergency center at Military Hospital 175.

Translated by Song Anh