According to reports delivered at the meeting, the unit has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented higher levels’ directives on promoting following situational developments, strengthening combat readiness capabilities and promoting cooperation in ensuring political security and public order in the new period.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam talking with troops of Regiment 8 of Division 395 under Military Region 3

In addition, the regiment has strictly observed combat readiness, effectively ensured security at festivals, New Year holidays and important political events of the nation, developed operational plans in line with its reality, actively practiced scenarios and effectively organized training for troops.  

Addressing the working session, General Nam acknowledged and highly appreciated the unit’s recorded results over time and pointed out shortcomings in its task implementation in the first 8 months of this year, especially in training and combat readiness missions.

He asked the unit to continue maintaining combat readiness and cooperating with other forces to closely follow situational developments and security issues that may arise at important events around the country. 

Translated by Tran Hoai