The delegation included Senior Lieutenant General Huynh Chien Thang, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army; Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau, Deputy Director of the General Department of Political Affairs of the Vietnam People's Army; and leaders from various agencies under the Ministry of National Defense and Hai Phong city.

Students of Bach Long Vi Island welcome General Phan Van Giang and the delegation.
General Phan Van Giang and residents of Bach Long Vi Island

During the visit, the delegation offered incense at President Ho Chi Minh Temple, the heroic martyrs memorial, Tran Hung Dao temple, and Bach Long pagoda. They also inspected the combat readiness of units stationed on Bach Long Vi Island. Speaking with local authorities, residents, and military personnel, General Phan Van Giang praised their collective efforts. Despite numerous challenges, the local authorities, Party organization, military units, and residents have been united to effectively reach socio-economic development targets while reinforcing defense and security.

General Phan Van Giang inspects combat readiness status on Bach Long Vi Island.

Key accomplishments include the provision of clean water and electricity to the island's residents and military personnel, the construction of cultural facilities and public playgrounds, and the building of resolutions to preserve and promote the cultural values and sustainable development of Bach Long Vi. All island residents receive free health insurance cards, and since August 2021, seriously ill patients have been airlifted for treatment on the mainland for free thanks to the support of Hai Phong city’s authorities at all levels. Local defense and military tasks are prioritized, transforming Bach Long Vi into a strong defensive area to protect the national skies, seas, and islands. Additionally, the local authorities have effectively carried out natural disaster prevention and control as well as search and rescue missions for 2024.

Defense Minister, General Phan Van Giang urged the leaderships of Hai Phong city and Bach Long Vi Island to continue implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and Resolution No.45 of the Politburo, which focuses on developing Hai Phong city to 2030 with a vision to 2045. They should also adhere to the directives of Military Region 3, enhancing awareness and responsibility among all levels and sectors, as well as the military personnel and civilians, for national construction and defense cause. Efforts should be made to assess and mitigate adverse factors, integrating socio-economic development with defense-security assurance. Resources should be mobilized to turn Bach Long Vi into a center for fishing logistics supplies and search and rescue operations in the North, supporting fishermen in asserting and protecting Vietnam's maritime sovereignty.

General Phan Van Giang emphasized the importance of building unity between the island's military force and civilians to develop and safeguard Bach Long Vi, contributing to the transformation of Hai Phong into a maritime economic hub as defined by Resolution No.45 of the Politburo.

* The same day, Defense Minister Phan Van Giang and the delegation visited Tran Island in Co To district, Quang Ninh province. After visiting several units and residents on the island and listening to reports from local leaders, Minister Giang expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of the military force and residents on Tran Island and Co To district. He acknowledged the significant development of Quang Ninh province and commended the military units for their dedication to assisting residents, advising local authorities, resolving issues, and effectively implementing socio-economic development programs.

Defense Minister Phan Van Giang and the delegation visiting Tran Island, Co To district, Quang Ninh province
General Phan Van Giang working at the Border Guard Station on Tran Island

The defense minister encouraged the military personnel on Tran Island to uphold the virtues of Uncle Ho's soldiers, maintain their responsibility for the Fatherland, ensure combat readiness, effectively handle various situations, and mobilize residents to join hands to defend Vietnam's maritime sovereignty.

Minister Phan Van Giang, his entourage, and leaders of Quang Ninh province and Co To island district in a joint photo with troops of  the Border Guard Station on Tran Island

The minister then presented gifts to the Party committee and authorities of Co To district, and residents in Tran village, Thanh Lan commune, and military personnel stationed on Tran Island.

Translated by Trung Thanh