In the previous term, the service’s Party Committee closely followed, evaluated and forecast situational developments, and advised the Party, State, CMC and Ministry of National Defense to actively deal with strategic issues related to national seas and islands to avoid being put in a passive position.

It also developed guidelines and measures to build itself into a revolutionary, regular, elite and modern service with much improvement in synergy and combat readiness capabilities, contributing to firmly protecting national sovereignty over the skies.

At the event

Additionally, the service’s Party Committee enhanced adjustments in organization and personnel and directed renovation in organizing training, sports and cultural festivals, and live-fire exercises, which reaped good results and ensured absolute safety for participating personnel and equipment.

In addition, under the direction of the service’s Party Committee, technical, logistic and finance services for routine and unscheduled missions were implemented effectively. Troops have a firm political stance and high sense of responsibility. They are also ready to undertake and complete all assignments and actively contribute to building a strong Party Committee of the service politically, ideologically, organizationally and ethically.

Applauding the service’s Party Committee for their achievements in the previous term, General Lich urged them to map out feasible orientations, missions, goals and leadership guidelines in line with reality.

General Lich speaking at the event

The service should concentrate on improving troops’ professional expertise, combat readiness capabilities, managing the skies, flights, and carrying out unscheduled missions to firmly safeguard the national skies. The service’s Party Committee should also craft measures to renew education on politics and ideology and direct troops to master and effectively maximize the effectiveness of newly-equipped weapons and equipment while heightening vigilance.

Attention should also be paid to promoting flight training and ensuring safety for flight operations.

General Lich also asked the service’s Party Committee to build a politically-, organizationally-, and ethically-strong Party Committee with high combat power and comprehensive leadership capabilities.

Translated by Mai Huong