340 local people have their health checked during the ten-day program

For ten days, troops coordinated with the local leadership, organizations and people to repair the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Dong Tam commune and paid tribute to martyrs at the war cemetery, clean up rural roads, schools, infirmaries, cultural houses and other public projects in the locality, dredge irrigation canals and help local people embellish their houses. 

In addition, they also took the occasion to explain local people about the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies and laws on ethnic and religious affairs and the Politburo’s resolution on promoting the ideological basis of the Party and fighting against wrong views of hostile forces in the new context. They also provided free health checkups and medicines and health counseling for and presented gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy students with good academic records.

Senior Colonel Ngo Quoc Chung, Deputy Chief of the service’s Political Department, said that the practical activities showed the sentiment of the service’s  troops and local leadership and people for policy beneficiaries, contributing to cementing the local political basis, promoting people’s trust in the Party’s leadership and strengthening military-civilian relations.

Translated by Tran Hoai