PM Phuc made that request at a ceremony hosted by the General Department II of the Ministry of National Defense to receive the First-class Fatherland Protection Order and mark its 70th founding anniversary on October 23.

At the ceremony

Since its inception on October 25, 1945, the defense intelligence sector has completed its organization and developed strongly in all spheres. It has fulfilled its missions as a strategic intelligence unit of the Party and State and a specialized arm of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense.

During wartime, it effectively collected valuable information and documents for the Party and the Ministry of National Defense to produce policies and strategies, contributing largely to the resounding victories of the whole military and people in the wars against French and American invaders.

During its construction and development, it was honored to welcome President Ho Chi Minh and  receive his letters three times. In recognition of its contributions to the national salvation cause and the national construction and protection cause, the Party and the State have presented a number of noble titles and orders to the sector.

Addressing the event, PM Phuc urged the General Department II to constantly promote its working-class nature and revolutionary spirit and preserve the special trust of the leaders of the Party, State and armed forces in the defense intelligence sector.

The general department was requested to grasp and creatively implement the Party’s views and policies in defense and military affairs to keep leaders of the Party, State, Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, and other ministries and localities fully informed of current happenings and issues around the world so that they can have proper policies and approaches in international relations.

PM Phuc also noted that the agency should take measures to develop a force of skilled, professional, and knowledgeable intelligence officers with firm political stance, bravery and strategic vision.

He believed that the defense intelligence sector will develop stronger and outstandingly complete all assignments.

Translated by Mai Huong