Reports at the event revealed that over the past five years, agencies and units under the General Department II fulfilled all key political missions and movements. In the coming time, the general department targets to promote the implementation of directives from the Party and Central Military Commission on renewal and emulation movements.

Praising the general department’s positive results over the past time, General Cuong asked its troops to continue promoting the unit’s tradition and raise their competence to obtain more achievements in the future.

General Luong Cuong hands over the "Emulation Soldier" title to three outstanding individuals of General Department II

For its outstanding achievements, General Department II have been honored with many noble orders, including two first-class Military Exploit Orders, one first-class Fatherland Protection Order and one first-class feats of arms, over the past five years. The Kingdom of Cambodia and the Lao People's Democratic Republic also awarded the unit many noble titles.

Notably, on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of its foundation day, the Party and State bestowed the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” on the general department in acknowledgement of its exceptional achievements.

At the event, General Cuong handed over the "Emulation Soldier" title to three outstanding individuals, while leadership of General Department II presented flags to ten groups and certificates of merit to 13 groups and 100 individuals with great achievements during the emulation movement.

Translated by Tran Hoai