The contest was to evaluate the outcomes of scientific research as well as select initiatives to improve technical equipment serving education and training work at military schools, thereby sending to the whole-military level contest.

An overview of the launching ceremony

Over the past 15 years, military schools under the GDT invested more than VND 173 billion in upgrading and building its teaching systems. They conducted 77 tasks and scientific projects, including nine State-level projects and 49 Defense Ministry-level projects. All of its initiatives were highly appreciated. Accordingly, 17 initiatives were selected to participate in this contest.

Addressing the opening ceremony, GDT’s Second-in-command Major General Ha Tuan Quan noted that the scientific research work as well as initiatives in the whole general department were comprehensively implemented in line with task requirements in the current context.

Delegates observe several technical equipment of the contest.

He also requested the jury and contestants to strictly adhere to the contest’s regulations so as to choose outstanding individuals and groups.

After the opening ceremony, the jury will evaluate entries of the Military Technical Officer Training School. The contest will conclude on June 7 at the Military Technical Officer Training School No.1.

Translated by Minh Anh