Major General Bui Quoc Oai addresses the event.

The command-level contest attracts the participation of 71 contestants, representing the coast guards and recce troops in the whole coast guard force.

The aim of this event is to check and review capabilities of the contingent of coast guards and recce troops in the coast guard force. The evaluation results will be a good foundation for the command’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to develop new effective and practical leadership approaches, as well as select good cadres for higher positions to meet the coast guard force’s duty requirement of prevention of crimes and violations of law at sea in the new period.

The contest opens up a chance for contestants to exchange experience to gain more knowledge, thereby improving their professional expertise and capabilities as well as working styles to become exemplary typical factors of each affiliated agency and unit of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command.

Participants at the opening ceremony

Addressing the opening ceremony, Maj. Gen. Bui Quoc Oai acknowledged and applauded the coast guard force’s party committees and chains-of-command at all levels for embracing and seriously implementing the Coast Guard Commander’s directive and the organizers’ plan as well as making thorough preparation for the event. He also hailed contestants for making the most use of time, overcoming difficulties and entering the contest with highest determination.

To ensure the success of the event, Gen. Oai asked the organizing and jury panels to bring into play the previous events’ achievements, renovate the contest’s contents, forms, and methods, make an objective and precise evaluation on each contestant’s capability and weaknesses.

He requested contestants to try their best to achieve the highest results, promote solidarity, learn from their peers, and draw practical lessons with close attachment to their duties, prevention of crimes, violations of law, and use of weapons, and other technical equipment.

Translated by Mai Huong