The conference discussed the project on building the People’s Army Newspaper (PAN) into a key multimedia press agency by 2030 with the vision to 2045 (Project in short).

Gen. Giang addresses the event.

At the event, Gen. Giang highly appreciated the PAN for its effective dissemination of military and defense activities and changes in socio-economic development and combat against wrongful and hostile views to protect the ideological foundation of the Party.

Lauding the military newspaper for its successful organization of the writing contest themed “Simple but noble examples” and the press contest “Protecting the ideological foundation of the Party in the new situation,” the defense minister asked the press agency to continue to host and promote their outcomes.

An overview of the event

Affirming the necessity of the Project, Gen. Giang asked the PAN to collect ideas from leaders of the General Department of Political Affairs and the General Staff and continue to review and complete the Project.

While building and completing the Project, the defense leader urged the newspaper to renew contents and dissemination methods to attract more readers, especially young ones, to its platforms; promote the efficiency of foreign language editions; and build a contingent of cadres, reporters, and editors with firm political stance and competence to meet the requirements of information dissemination in the new situation. He also emphasized the requirements of synchronous investment in infrastructure and modern technical equipment. 

PAN's Editor-in-Chief Major General Doan Xuan Bo speaks at event.

Mentioning the importance of human resources in implementing the Project, Gen. Giang requested the newspaper to pay attention to enhancing the material and spiritual life of cadres, reporters, and editors, together with honing their skills and professionalism, and attracting high-quality personnel.

The defense chief assigned the General Department of Political Affairs to direct the PAN to cooperate with relevant agencies and units to complete the Project as scheduled.

Translated by Tran Hoai