On behalf of the unit’s Party Committee, Chief of the unit’s Department of Political Affairs Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Trong briefed the delegation on the unit’s performance of the democratic regulations.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau chairs the inspection.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Army Corps 16 Command directed its affiliated units to strictly implement all resolutions and directives of the Party, State, CMC, Ministry of National Defense, instructions of the GDP on the enforcement of democratic regulations at the grassroots level, in accordance with the unit’s assigned tasks.

Accordingly, the unit’s chains-of-command at all levels strictly ensured democratic regulations in their leadership. 

At the event

Concluding the inspection, General Gau underscored that the unit has directed its troops to implement resolutions and directions of the Party, State, CMC, MND and instructions of the GDP on democratic regulations’ enforcement, thereby raising troops’ awareness and promoting solidarity during performing assigned missions.

Besides, leaders at all levels also created favorable conditions for troops to perform their assigned tasks in building and implementing democratic regulations in each affiliated unit, he added.

Inspecting documents on the democratic regulations of Regiment 720, Army Corps 16

The GDP deputy chief requested the unit to promote leadership via the resolutions of Party congresses at all levels, boost administrative reform and digital transformation, and bolster the role of organizations and military councils, to name but a few.

Translated by Minh Anh