The Political Academy under the National Defense University is tasked to train these command and political officers for units from regiment-level and upwards.

During the visit, Vietnamese young officers were briefed on the history of the school and toured several teaching and training facilities of the academy.

Welcoming the delegation, Colonel Li Bo, Political Commissar of the Yang Pu Training Center under the Political Academy said that the visit made by the Vietnamese young officer delegation offers a great opportunity to boost exchange and mutual understanding between the two armies.

The delegates in a joint photo

For his part, Colonel Dinh Quoc Hung, Head of the Vietnam Army Youth Board and the Vietnamese head delegate, thanked the host for a warm welcome and hoped the Political Academy would continue to develop and achieve more successes in the future. In addition, he held that the Vietnamese young officer delegation learnt much from the visit, especially the training content for officers.

* In the evening of the same day, Major General Zhou Xigen, Deputy-Political Commissar of the Shanghai Garrison Command held a banquet for the Vietnamese young officer delegation. He briefed Vietnamese delegates on the establishment and development of Shanghai City as well as the functions of the Shanghai Garrison Command. He stressed emphasized that the current program is a practical activity, contributing to accelerating the mutual understanding between the two armies and countries.

For his part, Colonel Hung hoped that the increasingly expanded ties among young officers of the two armies would bring the cooperative relationship between the two armies to a new pinnacle.

Translated by Trung Thanh