During the meeting, Brigadier General Ameer Muhammad Umrani expressed his delight at the visit of the Vietnamese delegation and Lt. Gen. Pham Truong Son to UNISFA, showing Vietnam’s commitment to making active contribution to addressing international issues and efforts to fulfill the obligations of a responsible member of the U.N., contributing to protecting peace and stability in the world, including Abyei.

Brigadier General Ameer Muhammad Umrani and Lieutenant General Pham Truong Son hand over the U.N.’s letter to Senior Colonel Nguyen Viet Hung, Chief of the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 2.

On the occasion, Brigadier General Ameer Muhammad Umrani read the letter of AnneMarie van den Berg, Assistant Secretary-General for Supply Chain Management under the Department of Operational Support. In the letter, she praised the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 2’s efforts in completing the construction of the smart barracks in Highway Base - the first smart barracks built by a military engineering company.

According to representatives of UNISFA’s agencies, although the Vietnamese Engineering Company confronted with many difficulties in terms of personnel, facilities, equipment and weather conditions, they completed the tasks of building factories, repairing and upgrading roads, towing vehicles stuck in the mud and ensuring smooth traffic, repairing field airports, and consolidating and building barracks for UNISFA’s units.

Apart from main tasks, the Vietnam engineering force has conducted humanitarian activities for local people, including digging, dredging and clearing drainage channels to prevent flooding in residential areas in Abyei townlet, making tables and chairs for students and presenting books and office supplies to local schools, providing free medical examination and treatment for local people, Brigadier General Ameer Muhammad Umrani shared.

Lt. Gen. Son inspectes Road and Bridge Attachment under the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 2.

For his part, Lt. Gen. Pham Truong Son thanked Brigadier General Ameer Muhammad Umrani for the reception and said that he was glad as the Vietnamese peacekeeping force fulfilled assigned missions, regardless of many hardships and challenges. Gen. Son affirmed that these obtained outcomes were attributed to the support of the UNISFA, international colleagues and local people.

Also, he hoped that the UNISFA would continue to create favorable conditions for the Vietnamese peacekeepers to accomplish their assignments, ensuring absolute safety and contributing to peacekeeping operations in the world and making life of the people in Abyei more prosperous and happier.

On the same day, Lt. Gen. Son inspected and encouraged troops and staff of Road and Bridge Section under the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 2 who are performing the task of repairing the 35-km road from Abyei townlet to Banton bridge.

Reported by Ngoc Hung (from UNISFA)

Translated by Quynh Oanh