The Vietnamese engineering company and UNISFA’s Department of Environment kick-start the environment cleaning activities in Abyei.

The upgraded road is located in a key area, in front of three important agencies in Abyei, which are the Abyei Youth Center, Abyei Women's Union, and Relief and Rehabilitation Committee in Bobshok village.

Previously, the road was seriously degraded due to rain and overload, making travelling difficult. Knowing about this situation, the engineering unit quickly repaired the road to ensure people's travel, especially during the rainy season.

The activity attracting the participation of many local people

The upgraded road has a length of 350 meters, ensuring 2 lanes of traffic. The road surface is 50cm higher than the ground to increase resistance during the rainy season. The Vietnamese unit also dredged ditches, gathered rubbish surrounding the two lakes, and installed new sewer pipes at the main entrance of the road.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese engineering unit coordinated with the UNISFA’s Department of Environment to clean up the environment and collected waste around the main road connecting Mulmul and Amethbek areas.

Cleaning the environment contributing to ensuring better living conditions for people in Abyei

According to Richard Kwaku Ofasi, an UNISFA environmental expert, the pro-active connection of the Vietnamese unit with the community has helped them come up with practical solutions to support local people, underlining that the unit’s enthusiasm and deeds made them more confident in bringing a better life for people.

Earlier, the Vietnamese engineering unit chaired several talks to discuss several topics, including clean water, environment, gender equality and promotion of women’s role, to name but a few. These activities have received much attention and participation of leaders and local people, contributing to tightening the relationship between the two sides and identifying possible solutions to assist the residential community in Abyei.

Translated by Quynh Oanh