Gen. Chien congratulated India on the success of the Lok Sabha election, and Rajnath Singh on reappointment as Defense Minister.

He highly valued the outcomes of the two countries’ defense cooperation, particularly in delegation exchanges, especially high-level, effective implementation of periodic cooperation and consultation mechanisms, and training.

Gen. Chien (right) talks with Col. Dheeraj Kotwal, Indian defense attaché to Vietnam.

The Vietnamese defense leader suggested the Indian officer to continue to cooperate with the Department of Foreign Relations under the Ministry of National Defense and relevant Indian agencies and units to effectively carry out cooperation activities in the second half of this year, with a focus on defense policy dialogue at deputy minister level, the fifth joint exercise on U.N. peacekeeping in India, effective cooperation in human resources training, cooperation and consultation between corps and services, and further cooperation in defense industry and military medicine.

Gen. Chien hoped that in his capacity, Col. Dheeraj Kotwal would closely coordinate to promote bilateral defense ties in an intensive, practical, effective manner, meeting the two sides’ need.

At the reception for the Indian defense attaché to Vietnam

Speaking highly of the two countries’ functional agencies’ close coordination and effective implementation of cooperation contents, Col. Dheeraj Kotwal said that they have helped develop bilateral defense relations. The Indian officer said he would report Gen. Chien’s suggestions to Indian Defense Ministry’s leadership in a timely manner and would actively have exchanges to early realize cooperation contents in the coming time.

* The same day, Gen. Chien received Colonel Ulysses S. Mancao, Philippine defense attaché to Vietnam.

On behalf of the Vietnamese MND’s leaders, the host sent best wishes to the guest on the occasion of the 126th Philippine Independence Day (June 12, 1898 - 2024).

Gen. Chien and Col. Ulysses S. Mancao, Philippine defense attaché to Vietnam

He expressed his delight at the development of the two countries’ relations in terms of politics, economy, defense-security, education-training, culture, and people-to-people exchanges. He stressed that the State visit to Vietnam by Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. in January this year marked the new development in the two countries’ relationship, towards the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership (2015-2025) and the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic ties (1976-2026).

He highly praised the bilateral defense cooperation’s results, especially in exchanges of delegations, young officers, maintenance of consultation and dialogue mechanisms, cooperation between naval, air, and coast guard forces.

He highly appreciated important contribution of Col. Ulysses S. Mancao to the bilateral defense relations and asked him to continue to coordinate with the Department of Foreign Relations of the MND of Vietnam and other relevant agencies and units of the Philippines to enhance cooperation in the last six months of the year. He noted the concentration on defense policy dialogue, delegation exchange, cooperation between arms and services and coast guard forces. He also suggested speeding up the signing of cooperation agreements in potential fields, such as defense industry, search and rescue, U.N. peacekeeping, military medicine, and logistics.

At the reception for the Philippine defense attaché to Vietnam

Expressing thanks to the Vietnamese MND for its support and creation of condition over the past time, Col. Ulysses S. Mancao confirmed that he would closely work with agencies under the two defense ministries to actualize cooperation contents according to cooperation plan for 2024 and orientations of the two ministries and militaries’ leaders.

Translated by Mai Huong