In his speech, General Dung stressed that Viettel has made various creative breakthroughs, broken down traditional concepts, and changed locals’ lives and society. According to him, thanks to Viettel’s mobile universalization, anyone can now carry a phone, which replaces all old forms of communication.

Viettel's Chairman and General Director Major General Le Dang Dung speaks at the event.

“We are conducting a journey of creativity with new breakthroughs, the journey of realizing digital life and building a digital society. Viettel has been changing from a traditional telecom operator into a digital services provider which provides virtual reality services, makes things smart, and absolutely changes our ways of living and working,” said Dung, adding that the telecom network remains their foundational infrastructure; however, the innovation is to create new, rich and practical digital services for people.

Dung  also pointed out Viettel’s important approaches, including the 4G mobile coverage, the pilot of the 5G services, the implementation of IoT connectivity, the application of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He also admitted that the digital transformation is just starting and the long journey to creating a digital economy and society in Vietnam is still ahead.

Delegates at the event entitled “The 15 year journey of Viettel mobile – Digital transformation – Start of a new journey”

Viettel officially entered the mobile market on October 15, 2004 with the brand name Viettel Mobile, cellular prefix 098 and meager capital which was enough to build mobile infrastructure for just three cities. However, after two months of operation, Viettel Mobile had 100,000 subscribers, an impressive figure that other businesses had to strive to achieve in 12 months.

Attentively, three years later, Viettel became a leading enterprise in mobile-telecoms market share. Furthermore, in 2008, Viettel’s customers reached 20 million people. A “made by Viettel” telecom network at that time covered all regions in Vietnam, from the mainland to the islands.

Emphasizing that Viettel’s achievements over the past 15 years is a firm premise for Viettel Telecom to be confident in starting a new journey - the journey of digital transformation, Lieutenant Colonel Cao Anh Son, Viettel Telecom’s General Director, said that the corporation targets to be the number one digital telco in Vietnam. It will create a second mobile breakthrough in the country to bring smartphones to almost all people and provide IoT services in 2025. 

Viettel Telecom continues to expand its 4G and 5G coverage to maintain its position as the biggest data network provider in Vietnam. To this end, General Director Son said that the corporation needs to strongly push up digital transformation, build digital culture, provide customer-centered digital services. 

Over the past 15 years, Viettel has won a number of domestic and international awards and the group now has 70 million customers nationwide.

Also at the event, Viettel Telecom debuted Lifebox, an individual data storage service based on a cloud foundation. The service is integrated in Viettel’s application My Viettel.

With such a cloud storage service, Viettel Telecom sets a target of being a leading enterprise in Vietnam in market share, utilities and security. The corporation predicts that 40 million customers will use Cloud daily to store data and experience IoT services.

Translated by Mai Huong - Khanh Linh